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Terms of service

Article 1 (Application of these Terms)
1. It defines matters concerning the use of "membership service" (hereinafter referred to as "the service") planned and operated by Tomorrow Management M Lemited (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), Hereinafter referred to as "members").
2. The web site operated by the Company or various rules announcing to members at any time through membership magazine shall constitute a part of this agreement and the members shall use the service after accepting these.

Article 2 (membership and enrollment)
1. We offer carefully selected services. Register your name (hereafter referred to as "registration") such as the name or name, address, phone number, e-mail address, telephone number etc of the applicant (hereinafter referred to as "registration") and complete the payment of the desired plan We will conclude the use registration, and then we will give you consultation qualification with our consultation concierge.
2. If you wish to use our service, please enter the prescribed items from the application form of this website and approve the payment method specified by our company, then send us a review of membership registration I will do. Within 48 hours from application, we will send you a notice of completion of the review and a link on the settlement page by e-mail. When settlement is completed, membership is granted and concierge service can be used.
Article 3 (Members)
1. A member is a person who accepted application for admission to the Company after approving the handling of this agreement and personal information, cancellation policy and payment method, approved admission by our company as deemed appropriate.
2. We will notify you by e-mail to registered e-mail address when we approve application of applicant or refuse.
3. The Company may not approve admission if the applicant falls under any of the following matters. Even after approval, if it turns out that the member falls under either case, we may withdraw approval and withdraw from approval. In the case of
        (1) When it is a fictitious name
        (2) In the case where the suspension of membership or the revocation is found in the past
        (3) When it is found that there was a false, mistyping, or typing error in the application details
        (4) The applicant is already a member
        (5) In addition, when judging that the Company is inappropriate to be a member
        (6) Including those involved in organized crime groups, or cases where they are found to be antisocial persons or involved

Article 4 (Liability to manage ID and password)
1. The member is the self-ID and the registered e-mail address.
2. Members can not let others know their ID and password.
Article 5 (Prohibition of Assignment)
Members can not transfer or use rights owned by members to third parties or acts of name change.

Article 6 (Obligation to notify change of registered matter)
1. The member shall notify the Company without delay if there is a change in name, address, contact address, other notification contents notified at the time of application, or ID, password is forgotten. In addition, unless we approve it, we can not change registered name.
2. Members shall indemnify the damage caused to us by neglecting the change notification. In addition, we will not be held responsible even if there is a disadvantage to the member because the member neglected notifying the change.
Article 7 (membership fee)
(1) For one contractor 300 USD per month
(2) In the case of a contractor and his / her family (limited to those living together within two years of age) 500 USD per month
(3) For the group of eight people selected by the contractor (changeable on the way, available after the next month) 1000 USD per month
Article 8 (Interruption of membership, cancellation)
We may suspend or cancel membership in the following cases.
(1) When there is false in application contents at the time of enrollment
(2) When tampering with the input information
(3) Incorrect use of ID or password
(4) When payment is delayed and payment is not made
(5) In the event of interfering with the operation of this service or there is a risk of that
(6) When we hurt our honor markedly
(7) In the event that the Company determines that the Company is inappropriate as a member, such as there is a possibility of antisocial forces or the like

Article 9 (payment method)
Payment will be made with credit card, unless we approve in advance.
① If you enter necessary information and credit card information from the application form and agree to the terms of service, it will be settled.
② The membership fee will be settled with the credit card you registered from our merchant or designated payment processor.
③ Currently, automatic credit card payment is not supported monthly so payment will be sent on the 20th every month so please pay the next month by 25th.

④The member agrees to automatically process payment when we respond to automatic credit card payment every month.

Article 10 (Cancellation policy)
Members can cancel, terminate or cancel a service as follows.
If you wish to withdraw from membership after membership, you can withdraw from the end of the following month when you offer to withdraw from our company.
How to withdraw from membership,
① Tell the concierge in charge of withdrawal by e-mail or telephone etc. If there is an acknowledgment reply from the person in charge, the withdrawal process is completed.
② If you inform us of your withdrawal from the inquiry form on this web site, your withdrawal process will be completed. We will contact you with approval within 48 hours from our operator.
③ Even if there is no reply to our company and ① ②, even if there is no reply, withdrawal will be automatically approved in 48 hours from contacting our company.
④ Cancellation going back to the past can not be accepted.

Article 11 (returning goods, exchanging items, etc.)
1. The member shall be able to request return or exchange in accordance with the method prescribed by the Company within two weeks after the arrival of the product, if inconvenience arises in the product due to the responsibility of the company concerning the item purchased via the Company I will. However, except in the following cases.
        (1) Damage in case of not attributable to our company, contaminated goods
        (2) Order-made items, special order items, items with names
        (3) Food, distribution commodities
        (4) Opened items
        (5) Used items
2. Members are responsible for shipping to the Company or manufacturers or distributors concerning exchanges and returns due to members' convenience.

1. Cancellation fee will be charged if there is no contact by the cancellation fee date specified. 2. Cancellation of goods shall be in accordance with each notation and for cancellations without notation, cancellation will be accepted up to 7 days prior to the delivery date. Please note that 100% will be withdrawn after that. However, we can not accept cancellation in the following cases.
        (1) Cancelable period has passed
        (2) Distribution Commodity
        (3) Made-to-order items already in production
        (4) Items that can not be canceled
3. For cruise and travel products, we will charge a cancellation fee based on a cancellation policy announced individually at the time of reservation.
Article 12 (Cancellation / Interruption of Service)
The Company may suspend or suspend the service without notifying the members in advance in the following cases. We will not bear any responsibility for any reason for any damage suffered by the member or a third party at that time.
(1) In the event that maintenance, inspection, repair, or change of the system of the service is performed periodically or urgently (2) When the service can not be provided due to disaster, power failure, natural disaster landsion or other force majeure (3) Where it is judged that temporary interruption of this service is necessary for the operation of this service or technology
Article 13 (copyright of posted information)
Copyrights on the membership magazine produced by the Company and information posted on the website operated by the Company belong to the Company. Members are not permitted to use the information obtained through this service by copying, sending, publishing, or selling to others, unless we approve it. The same also applies to conducting such act by a third party.

Article 14 (Provision of Information)
Members agree that we will provide event announcements and product information etc. to members via direct mail, e-mail etc. method.


Article 15 (Privacy Policy "Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information")
We believe that proper handling and protection of customer's personal information is a social obligation for us. We will use personal information (including personal information provided by customers who used the website of our company) acquired by the Company to comply with this basic policy on protection of personal information Policy "), we will handle it appropriately and strive for protection.
In the case of
Article 16 (Definition of personal information and personal data)
(1) Personal information is information on surviving individuals and corresponds to any of the following.
① Those who can identify a specific individual by name, address, date of birth, sex, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address etc included in the information.
② Although information can not be identified by that information alone, it can easily be compared with other information, which will enable you to identify a specific individual by this verification.
③ Including individual identification code.
(2) Personal data means personal information that constitutes a personal information database, etc.
In the case of
Article 17 (Acquisition of personal information, purpose of use)
(1) We will acquire and use personal information of the customer himself / herself by legal and appropriate means within the range necessary for achieving the following purpose of use.
① To provide customers with concierge service, private advice (hereinafter referred to as "our service") handled by the Company and our company's services.
② To deliver the materials and catalogs related to our service requested by the customer himself / herself.
③ To propose plans for our service to our customers.
④ To provide information on direct mails, e-mails etc. (such as e-mail magazines related to our service) to the customer himself / herself.
⑤ To deliver gifts won in campaign etc. to customers.
⑥ In order to introduce it to our business partners under the approval of the customer himself / herself.
⑦ To investigate customer's usage situation and satisfaction level about our products and our company's service.
⑧ In order to respond to opinions and requests received from the customer himself / herself in connection with our company or our service.
⑨ To provide after-sales service, maintenance etc. of our products.
⑩ In order to provide personal information and personal data of customers to third parties in order to achieve the purpose of use ① to ⑨ above.
(2) In the event that it becomes necessary to use your personal information for purposes other than those mentioned in the preceding paragraph, we will notify you in advance of the purpose of use, unless one of the following applies, We will use it after obtaining your consent in advance.
① When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer himself / herself.
② When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer himself / herself.
③ In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with the government agencies, local governments or persons entrusted by them to carry out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, by obtaining the consent of the customer himself, When there is a risk of interfering with.
④ Cases based on laws and ordinances.
(3) The Company may change the purpose of use of the personal information of the customer himself within the scope reasonably recognized that it has relevance to the use purpose of paragraph 1. If the purpose of use is changed, we will contact the customer himself / herself / herself changed purpose or announce it on our website.
(4) The Company will not obtain personal information that requires consideration without prior consent of the customer himself / herself.
(5) When you contact us and receive questions or comments, we may record the recording etc. of the contents of the call. Regarding the recorded content, we will use it to confirm the contents and to provide better response work.
In the case of
Article 18 (Management of customer's personal information)
(1) In addition to conducting education and awareness activities for all executives and employees, we will place responsible persons for each division handling personal information and strive to properly manage customer's personal information.
(2) In order to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss, damage, etc. of your personal information, we will endeavor to maintain security on our website etc.
(3) The Company concludes a consignment agreement including a confidentiality clause with the subcontractor, strives to make appropriate handling and protection of customer's personal information, leaks, re-offers to a third party · Disclosure and prevention of use outside the range of purpose of use described in 2. (1) above.
Article 19 (Disclosure of personal data of the customer himself, correction, addition, deletion, suspension / elimination of use, suspension by provision of a third party)
(1) In the case where the customer himself / herself requests the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision of a third party for the customer's personal data possessed by the Company, Please contact us directly according to the method. From the viewpoints of prevention of leakage of personal information, ensuring accuracy and safety, unless special procedures are established pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations, we conduct necessary surveys without delay and make such requests We will make disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension / elimination of use of personal data of the customer himself / useless / deletion, suspension of provision of a third party based on the provisions of laws and regulations only if it is confirmed by the customer. In addition, if you do not meet the requirements of the billing method specified below or based on the survey results, you can not respond to the request if the contents of the bill are found to be inappropriate. (2) With regard to the implementation and non-implementation of the disclosure etc. set forth in the preceding paragraph, we will contact you without delay without delay. In case of non-implementation, we will try to explain the reason.
◆ How to request the disclosure of personal information ◆  

※ Please be advised that postage will be borne by the customer.

Article 20 (Changes in the Covenant)
1. We may change this agreement arbitrarily without your consent. We will promptly announce changes to our members through the WEB site. 2. From the date the Company announces or notices the change of contract, the changed terms shall be applied.
Article 21 (Disclaimer)
1. The product images that our company publishes on member magazines and WEB sites are composed of image images and so on and may differ from some products and any assurance such as completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness etc We will not do.
2. As for product description etc., it is prepared based on the materials provided by the manufacturing / providing company of goods, etc., and we shall not take any responsibility for the content of description. In the case of
3. The price of the product may change due to unavoidable circumstances such as revision of the consumption tax rate.
4. The Company shall not be held responsible for troubles such as the case where the member and the service provider contract directly.
5. We do not assume any responsibility for damage of members caused by responsibility of the service provider of the affiliated parties, such as troubles during the delivery of the goods, troubles at the dispatch destination, accidents etc.
6. Members shall not appeal against the fact that we can not provide the service if the Company falls under any of the following items.
        (1) When we receive suspension from business of the regulatory authority or cancelation of business license or business registration

        (2) When there is a provisional seizure, provisional disposition, compulsory execution, petition for auction as execution of security interest, petition for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, corporate reform, or when entering liquidation
        (3) When there is a considerable reason that the property status deteriorates markedly or it is deemed to be there
7. The user shall be responsible for all other risks such as the cost of the necessary equipment for using the services of our site and the fee. In the case of
8. We do not assume any responsibility to the user if it falls under one of the following items.
        (1) Interruption, retardation, suspension, disappearance of data due to failure of communication lines, computers, etc., damage caused by unauthorized access of data, and damage caused by members regarding our service
        (2) Damage caused by violation of laws, regulations, this agreement and various cautions displayed by this site
        (3) damage caused by a user to a third party through the use of the service
        (4) Damage arising from the loss or loss on the use of this site or the unavailability of the site, and special circumstances
Article 22 (Competent Jurisdiction)
1. With regard to the use between the member and the Company, in the event that problems arise that can not be resolved by this agreement or the rules separately specified by the Company, the member and the Company shall negotiate in good faith and resolve it. In the case of
2. Members and the Company shall agree to make the Tokyo District Court a jurisdictional court if a dispute arises with respect to this service.

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